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Your new app is loaded with features proven to dramatically enhance member experience and grow your gym's memberships.

Gamification Benefit Icon - Felvedere

Make Workouts Fun And Rewarding

  • Motivate your members with interactive leaderboards
  • Help your members challenge themselves to reach their fitness goals with a branded point system
  • Build a branded community environment to help your members hit their goals faster
Make workouts fun while rewarding loyalty - Leaderboard - Felvedere
Make workouts fun while rewarding loyalty - Gamification Mockup - Felvedere
Help clients hit their goals faster - Add Record - Felvedere
Help clients hit their goals faster - Nutrition tracking Mockup - Felvedere
Nutrition Tracking Benefit Icon - Felvedere
Nutrition tracking

Help Clients Hit Their Goals Faster

  • Empower your members with a simple yet robust way of tracking their macros
  • Help your members meet their goals and make real progress in and out of your gym
  • Keep your brand top of mind even when your members aren't inside your gym
More reach, more engagement - Related Workouts - Felvedere
More reach, more engagement - Live On Demand - Felvedere
Live/on-demand Benefit Icon - Felvedere

More Reach, More Engagement

  • Utilize the power of video to keep your trainers engaged with your members in and out of your gym.
  • Create additional revenue streams and expand your offering with Live & On Demand classes.
  • Engage with your members anywhere at anytime
Survey Benefit Icon - Felvedere

Improve The Member Experience

  • Drive retention and skyrocket revenue with member feedback
  • Keep the pulse on what makes your gym special
  • Give your members the ability to anonymously share what they love and what could use improvement
  • Create a member experience that makes a difference
Improve client experiences - Instructor Image - Felvedere
Improve client experiences - Survey Image - Felvedere
Improve client experiences - Survey Mockup - Felvedere

Let us show you how far you can take your business

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Member Reviews

Push 5 Star Reviews Directly To Google

  • Use constructive feedback to make your gym even better
  • Position your gym higher on Google with more 5 star reviews
Constructive criticism for the win - Reviews Mockup - Felvedere
Groups Benefit Icon - Felvedere

Thrive in tribes

  • Encourage engagement, interaction and build the community that skyrockets your retention
  • Keep your clients connected to the community on the go
Thrive in tribes - Groups Mockup - Felvedere
Onboarding Benefit Icon - Felvedere

Set Your Members Up For Success

  • Get valuable data for retention and community building
  • The onboarding process is one of the most important factors to making sure your members stick around long term. Make a lasting impression with ease
Drive engagement and loyalty - Main goals - Felvedere
Drive engagement and loyalty - Onboarding Mockup - Felvedere
Lead clients to success - Add entry - Felvedere
Lead clients to success - Fitness Journal Mockup - Felvedere
Fitness Journal Benefit Icon - Felvedere
Fitness Journal (Goals and member progress)

Lead Members To Success

  • Give your members the metrics they need to achieve their goals.
  • Keep your clients’ in the game with daily or weekly check-ins
Messaging Benefit Icon - Felvedere

Build A Relationship With Your Members

  • Send personalized texts and class reminders to keep members connected to the community
  • Consistently engage with members to motivate, retain, and build trust
Build a thriving community - All comments - Felvedere
Communication is key - Messaging Mockup - Felvedere
Social (Private social network)

Develop A Thriving Community

  • Integrate posts from your major social media feeds.
  • Create a non-judgement zone
  • Engage your clients and build community in a safe space that inspires brand loyalty
Front Desk Benefit Icon - Felvedere
Self Service Kiosks

More Time To Focus On Your Business

  • Streamline your check-in process and get clear on your numbers
  • Manage classes, member check-ins, and scheduling right from the Front Desk
  • Points of Sale functionality (coming soon).
More time to focus on your business - Total body workout - Felvedere
More time to focus on your business - Classes - Felvedere

Push Your Gym To New Heights Today

Push your gym to new heights today - CTA Image - Felvedere

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